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The Operating System
for Multi-day Tourism

Simplicity when you need it, great depth as you grow.

Manage the complexities of multi-day tourism, ensuring your business operates seamlessly, without the hassle of spreadsheets or multiple apps.

What we offer...

Why Odyssey? 

Odyssey is the most versatile software solution for multi day tourism management that adapts to your stage of business growth. 

  • The experts in Multi-day Tour logistics

  • Designed for small to scaling businesses

  • Disrupting the Booking to Operating process

  • Supporting you to Operational excellence

Optimise Your Tour Operations

Streamline logistics, enhance resource coordination, and improve customer satisfaction with Odyssey’s advanced management features.

  • Comprehensive Logistics Control

  • Optimised Route Planning

  • Advanced Luggage Management

  • Emergency Response Management

  • Custom Resource Allocation

Enhance Your Customer's Journey

Streamline bookings, enhance communications, and centralise data for optimal customer management.

  • Integrated Mobile Itinerary

  • Customised Email Communications

  • Interactive Online Forms

  • Comprehensive Booking System

  • Intelligent Use of Customer Data

Streamline Your Supplier Coordination

Manage rates, bookings, and communications efficiently with our comprehensive supplier management tools.

  • Detailed Supplier Records

  • Online Confirmation and Communication

  • Provider Dashboard System

  • Dynamic Rate and Season Updates

  • Group Forward Bookings

Customise Your Travel Offerings

Effortlessly manage diverse tour options, master templates, and proposals to maximise client satisfaction and sales.

  • Diverse Product Options

  • Dynamic Package Templates

  • Dedicated Enquiry Management

  • Enhanced Proposal Creation

  • Integrated Pricing and Costing Tools

Empower Your Business 

Integrate cutting-edge AI, streamlined operations, and seamless financial systems to grow a profitable business. Utilise this technology to support your sustainability goals. 

  • Ai Enhanced Operations

  • Online Booking Integration

  • Seamless Financial Integration

  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities

We make the transition to
Odyssey seamless


A Zoom meeting with you to discuss the challenges you're trying to solve, your business goals and what you're looking for in an Operating System. 

What are you trying to solve or achieve?


We show you inside Odyssey, how it works, and how it adds value to your business goals, operations and processes... bring your key team members.

How can Odyssey help you achieve this?


We transition your team through the onboarding process with training modules, or with white glove service.

Take action, and get the benefits of Odyssey.

The Multi-day Operating System to deliver consistent and high quality experiences to your customers

What do our clients love about Odyssey?

Operations run seamlessly so my customers are happy...

One system to build the product, drive operations, connect services, and deliver a professional customer experience.

"I’m trying to find a new difficult and time consuming task to challenge me, now you're making my work life far too easy! "

Increasing efficiencies & productivity saves me time and money...

Reduce errors, costs, churn and siloed activity. And remove repetitive routine tasks increasing efficiencies and productivity. 

 "It was like witnessing a miracle, something that used to take me 1-2 weeks to complete was suddenly done in about 10 seconds!

User friendly multi-day operating system that's configured to my business...

Our user-centred design philosophy means Odyssey is modern and easy-to-use, and configured to 'fit' your business. Packaged to suit your business needs with add-on additional functions as your needs evolve.

"I'm aware of other solutions advising it could take a week,…. And they wouldn’t know where to start!!"

Happy Staff & Visitors

Increase Productivity

Efficiency & Cost Saving

94% of Our Client's Visitors Scored 'Excellent'

Trip Advisor Feedback

200,000+ Overnight Operations

Up to 75% Time Savings on Administration Tasks

“The degree of sophistication and friendly ‘look’ of the programme provides us with an asset and business tool that takes us to a level of professionalism that reflects well on us.”


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