The Operating System
for Multi-day Tourism

Simplify the complexities of multi-day tourism, ensuring your business operates seamlessly, without the hassle of spreadsheets or multiple apps.

'Fit for Purpose' to manage your Customers, Providers, Operations and more.

Introducing Odyssey...

Odyssey is a comprehensive Multi-day Operating System designed for operators who need to manage their customers, operations and administration. If you're looking to transform your business productivity, increase efficiencies and save costs, and want happy staff that provide your customers with enjoyable and memorable experiences ... then Odyssey Tourism Management Software is for you.

Manage Customers and Providers

Comprehensive communication system

Get customers, guides and providers the information they need, when they need it by creating elegant trip itineraries (.pdf or mobile), manifests, and templated client & provider communications. Push your CRM to marketing campaigns for repeat business and run query reporting to keep well informed.

Customer bookings

Packaged/Customised and Multi-day/Single day scenarios handled with ease, providing versatility to market opportunities. Connect client bookings to activities & providers, schedule transport, allocate equipment, and handle luggage movements with ease. Customers and Providers can up-date their records, 'live' ensuring consistent and reliable information.

Manage Complex Operations

Scheduling Tools

Remove logistical headaches and coordinate resources with scheduling tools, and inform the whole team with live system dashboards. Reservation teams have visibility of staff, inventory and resource availability. Manage these with shared calendars and quickly produce accurate trip data on manifests and departure inventories.

Manage the details

Effortlessly build, clone or modify trips from a master. Make modifications as required for an individual client, eg: ensuite upgrade. This will no longer be a headache for you. And filter your viewing options by location, to focus. Make seasonal transitions super easy by cloning one season to the next. Automated adjustments by percentage or rates are possible. 

Manage Administration & more

Configured to your business

Tailored views and terminology, plus selectable access for different roles, will ensure Odyssey feels comfortable and familiar to your staff.  Dynamic, interactive dashboards are easy to use and understand. Charts and externally focussed documents are coloured to match your brand.

Deliver professional service

Train staff to a new level of professionalism and integrate your operational teams using Odyssey's Learning Management System. Deliver quality to your customers across all services using date scheduled email templates, task status prompts, automated online forms and branded luggage labels.

We make the transition to
Odyssey as easy as possible


A Zoom meeting with you to discuss the challenges you're trying to solve, your business goals and what you're looking for in an Operating System. 

What are you trying to solve or achieve?


We show you inside Odyssey, how it works, and how it adds value to your business goals, operations and processes... bring your key team members.

How can Odyssey help you achieve this?


We support you through the onboarding set up and foundation phase, train your champion and team, and more...

Take action, and get the benefits of Odyssey.

The Multi-day Operating System to deliver consistent and high quality experiences to your customers

What do our clients love about Odyssey?

Operations run seamlessly so my customers are happy...

One system to build the product, drive operations, connect services, and deliver a professional customer experience.

"I’m trying to find a new difficult and time consuming task to challenge me, now you're making my work life far too easy! "

Increasing efficiencies & productivity saves me time and money...

Reduce errors, costs, churn and siloed activity. And remove repetitive routine tasks increasing efficiencies and productivity. 

 "It was like witnessing a miracle, something that used to take me 1-2 weeks to complete was suddenly done in about 10 seconds!

User friendly & configured to my business...

Our user-centred design philosophy means Odyssey is modern and easy-to-use, and configured to 'fit' your business. Packaged to suit your business needs with add-on additional functions as your needs evolve.

"I'm aware of other solutions advising it could take a week,…. And they wouldn’t know where to start!!"

Happy Staff & Visitors

Increase Productivity

Efficiency & Cost Saving

94% of Our Client's Visitors Scored 'Excellent'

Trip Advisor Feedback

200,000+ Overnight Operations

Up to 75% Time Savings on Administration Tasks

Multi-day Operating System
Do More with Less

“The degree of sophistication and friendly ‘look’ of the programme provides us with an asset and business tool that takes us to a level of professionalism that reflects well on us.”


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