Our Story

Who We Are

We’re a small company with a big heart, and even bigger software development expertise plus adventure tourism knowledge and experience. We’ve lived and breathed both these industries over the last 30 years. We’ve dedicated our time to improving how adventure tourism operators run their business. We’re super nice to work with, and we’re super committed to providing our clients with a quality product and service.


What We Do

Since 2018 we’ve been working alongside New Zealand’s leading tourism operators to implement our latest version: Odyssey. We’ve gone to the heart of their business, operations, customer service, administration and more to understand the issues they face. We’ve brought together modern, elegant, innovative and, most of all, effective and reputable technology, tools and programming to solve these issues. But we’re not sprucing up spreadsheets — think of us as Emmett “Doc” Brown and the DeLorean time machine: we can take you places you may not know about.

Why We Do It

We love building solutions to help businesses and their staff. Solving our clients problems and taking the headaches away is hugely satisfying for us. We also love tech so our heads are always in new options and ideas. But at our heart and soul is software development. This is what makes it all tick and this is our passion. We focus on creative design for the best user experience, data management, flow and security. And what really spins our wheels is when clients come back and say…

"It was like witnessing a miracle, something that used to take me 1-2 weeks to complete was suddenly done in about 10 seconds!"


What's Different When You Work With Us

Small, nimble and dedicated
Being a small company means we have to be focused. When we onboard Odyssey with your team, you know you have our complete commitment and support. We don’t sell Odyssey off the shelf, but instead connect with you as the business owner, before we demo Odyssey to you. We want to understand those things that are unique to you and make sure Odyssey is going to fit.

Built for adventure tourism & your individual business
Like the introduction of electric vehicles, think of Odyssey as the new engine for tourism operators. Odyssey is tailored for the adventure tourism industry. Odyssey is fully configurable for your individual business needs: your language, your tasks, your choices. We know different operators require different business tools, so we’ve created selectable advanced modules to build on Odyssey’s core foundation. Our SaaS subscription-based pricing reflects the value added to your business and we DON’T take a slice of your profits through ‘percentage’ charging.

We look at the big picture
Having limited time and knowledge makes it tough to research all the ‘tech’ options and make well informed decisions to select ‘widget’ apps that will be needed to make a product work the way you need it to work. And then there’s the silos of business services and data to interconnect, training staff on multiple systems and paying multiple software bills.
We’ve done this thinking for you so we can show you where Odyssey fits in your business and which extra widgets you can say goodbye to.


Get in touch

We would love to hear about your tourism business and the challenges you face. There is no obligation, no commitment and we are most willing to have a conversation.


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