Al Check


Al provides the balance to the Odyssey product team. Ensuring the team, and our clients are all successful. Al has a diverse background and a broad set of skills to support Odysseys business development. From Operations and Customer service roles in Adventure Tourism, looking after Macpac's Australian retailers, as a Partnership Project Manager with the Department of Conservation, to his present role as Depot Manager of Cycle Journeys, Nelson, New Zealand.

Being 'back on the tools' in Adventure Tourism is a great opportunity for Al to apply Odyssey into an operation, and learn, fine tune and tweak alongside other users.

As Odyssey rolls out to the wider industry Al is grateful for the work done by the early adopter Adventure Tourism Operators in New Zealand who have helped build Odyssey into what it is today. Hearing the delight from these customers, and the efficiencies they have made by using Odyssey is what it's all about. 

"We totally empathise with the impact Covid has had on global tourism...but we have to remain optimistic...and we sincerely believe Odyssey will help support recovery and build a more productive, higher value industry, that's more sustainable."



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