How to smoothly connect Bookings to your Operating System & Finance

Integrate bookings with your operating system... to save costs, time and run your business seamlessly.

One of the biggest headaches for multi-day operators we’ve observed is the heavy weighting placed on the front end booking portal, also know as Res Tech

There’s no question this is an important and integral part of the customer journey and it needs to be smooth and seamless for the customer and the operator. There are many online reservation booking apps and systems available. Many of these enable operators to receive the booking and payment quickly and easily...and that’s great.

 ... but this process DOES NOT need to cost significant amounts of money (for the operator or customer), nor should operators be left with pile of unusable data post-booking.


Our mission is to change the narrative, towards the booking – finance – operating system relationship.

Operators should know there are alternative options for setting up a more holistic system and processes, than just receiving the payment from a customer.


So what’s the big deal? .... unfortunately to perform this ‘service’, many Res Tech systems cost between 2 - 6% on top of normal credit card processing fees. Because this is likely to be commission based, these fees can be very high... this of course depends on your product pricing ...but typically Multi-Day products are of high value = high commission rates.


Operators are lured into the glamour of the next app, and don’t often realise the back-end that’s offered by Res Tech systems is often not ‘fit for Multi-Day purpose’.

With an expensive front end booking portal, Operators are often left to rely on spreadsheets or small apps to run their admin, ops and customer service. And many operators are not connecting their payments with their finance systems.

While the booking stage is important, it really is a small part of the overall customer journey.

We advocate that what happens after the booking is critical, and it’s often overlooked.

We’ve put a framework guide together to help Multi-Day operators think about an alternative, and cost effective way to receive the booking, to manage finance, and to smoothly integrate this data into an operating system.

With data connectivity that flows into the next phase after the booking eg operations, customer and provider interactions, and the delivery of the your product.

You can access the framework here...

Creative Technology provide Odyssey as the Operating System software.

You will work with your web developer to set up online e-commerce booking & payment portals. 

Then we can support you both to set up integrations in Odyssey.

We are happy to discuss this framework and integrations with you as a starting point.


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