Odyssey Product Structure

 Odyssey is designed as a multi-day operating system with a core set of base level functions. Odyssey also has Advanced Modules which helps both extend, and refine, the outcomes you seek for your business.

Odyssey provides a multi-day operating system that is an end to end management solution, while also suiting businesses with more tailored needs, or are in a developing phase. Contact us to understand how Odyssey can meet your needs...



With training to give your team confidence...more


Caring for clients on their adventure...more


Happy customers want more adventures...more


A great first impression with all the answers at your fingertips ...more


Delight customers with great multi-day adventure packages...more


Keep your depot organised...more


Maintain relationships with other providers...more


A whole-of-business solution....more...


You aren’t just buying software, you get Odyssey service too...more


Accessible for all your team. Maintaining your business response times and integrity...more


Always know what’s going on...more


Elegant itineraries with new MOBILE service....more

Easy to use

A multi-day operating system designed alongside Adventure Tourism operators, for Adventure Tourism operators.

Odyssey connects the key elements of your tourism business together in a comprehensive and feature-rich platform.  No more silos between business services or staff. Odyssey provides efficient tourism software , is easy to use and easy to learn, and is configurable to suit your business.

Trip logistics management

Managing logistics is at the heart and soul of Adventure Tourism. It needs to be done smoothly, professionally and with minimal fuss to your customers and staff.
It only takes a bag dropped off at the wrong location, a breakdown of a hired bike, or the worst possible case, not picking up a person, to impact your customers experience. The risk of these things happening are dramatically reduced by using Odyssey to schedule drivers, routes, and luggage and bike transfers. Knowing where your staff, assets and customers are will be seamless.

Customer relationship management

Odyssey captures and collates existing customer information for easy pre/post trip and future advertising communications. Happy clients return for more adventures, and they bring their friends.

And Odyssey stores 'enquiries' to ensure your business doesn't miss the opportunity to build relations with potential new customers. 

Customer bookings

Odyssey makes managing client bookings smoother by interconnecting all the different parts of the business and improving the flow of information so you can provide your clients with the information they need.

Package design

Design attractive packages with ease and increase your sales and revenue. 
Designing packages can be complex. Just updating the rate information across all packages for a new year can be a burden.  This can be a time consuming task but with Odysseys 'package design' your business can easily step into creating multi-day packages and increase product offerings including customised and personalised tour options. Ultimately this means you can set better pricing variations to take advantage of new products, market demand and seasonality. 


Convert customer trips & tours into elegant and informative itineraries.

Place the information the customer needs into the Trip Master records. This data then becomes automatically available for each dated departure. Taking out the duplication. Data can include activities, accomodation, transport services, am/pm text, and these are all selectable to turn on/off as required and all editable fields.

Format to .pdf for printing or email.

Odyssey then pushes the data direct into the NEW mobile itinerary service (Advanced Module)

Operations management

Keep your operation running as smoothly as your equipment.

Running operations during the middle of the tourism season can seem full on, chaotic and stressful. Odyssey relieves this pain and anxiety for your staff by providing reporting, scheduling and management tools at their fingertips. Not only will this save time and increase efficiency, but your biggest asset, your staff, will be happier, more productive and will thank you for making their lives easier.

Check out our NEW Inventory Management Module...

Provider reservation

Maintain strong and productive relationships with accommodation providers and other activities/service providers for mutual benefit.


Odyssey is designed to reveal insights about how your operation is performing so you can optimise your business.


We’ve integrated the best services from other SaaS and cloud providers to deliver extra functionality to provide you with a complete whole-of-business solution.

Part of our commitment to you is that we will put together a system that supports the way you do business. That means we only add to the core Odyssey product with these Advanced Modules if it will add value to your system.

This also means you don’t have to do the hard work of finding and evaluating disparate services and trying to glue them together to get all the services you need. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.


Because Odyssey is a cloud service, your business is not locked up in one office PC but is accessible to all staff. It also gives you peace-of-mind for business continuity, with backups as part of our standard service.

Quality User Support

We pride ourselves on software that is easy to use, but when you need support, we also pride ourselves on being responsive to our customer’s needs.

Our user support is what really makes Odyssey stand out from the crowd. We are a small company, but we have a lot of experience in the adventure tourism industry and software development. So our focus is on what you need in order to run your business. Our commitment is to provide our clients with a quality product and quality service to go with it.


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